The Development of English Teaching Materials Integrated Local Wisdom of Riau Malay Culture for Grade IV Elementary School Students

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Marhamah, Yenni Rozimela, Hasanuddin


This study was aimed to produce an effective English language teaching material Integrated Local Wisdom Riau Malay Culture for Grade IV Elementary School Students. The English subjects studied in primary schools contain topics that are contrary to Indonesian culture. Foreign cultures that are in English textbooks are not in accordance with the environment of students' lives. Indonesian culture teaches us to be polite and away from violating religious norms. Riau Malay culture is one of them that applies politeness and good behavior. This research is development research that uses the Borg & Gall development model. The results showed that in teaching materials based on Riau Malay Culture (RMC) it was seen from the practicality of each item from the aspects of the assessment. The items assessed were 8 items. From these points, it is stated that it is very practical. This means that the teaching materials developed are very practical or good to use. The practicality assessment was carried out by 21 respondents which included 5 validators and 16 teachers.

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