Service Quality Dimensions: A Case Study of Telangana Grameena Bank

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Sri Hari. M, Dr. J. Ezhilarasi, Dr. S.Vijayan


In the service industry, Service quality has become a performance indicator. Customer happiness is widely regarded as a key differentiator that is at the heart of marketing theory and practise and is the primary outcome of any marketing effort. The purpose of this research is to evaluate service quality in the banking sector. SERVQUAL scale was used to analyse customer perceptions created by A. Parasuraman et al in order to support the research study's objective. Using convenience sampling, a sample size of sixty customers was selected. What are the bank's customer perceptions of service quality? Which dimension of service quality of Telangana Grameena Bank is performing well? The purpose of this study paper is to find answers to these questions. Many surveys have been conducted in the past to determine customer happiness and to identify customer-friendly institutions, but the primary goal of this research is to determine the service quality of Telangana Grameena Bank

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