Increasing Student Economic Analysis Ability Through the Application of Case Study Methods in Capita Selekta Courses

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Rosmiati, Nurmala Sari, Novia Sri Dwijayanti, Zuhri Saputra Hutabarat


This study aims to improve ability of economic analysis students of the Economic Education Study Program, FKIP Jambi University in capita selecta subject Data analysis used quantitative descriptive analysis techniques with classroom action research. The subjects in research are 3rd semester students (class R002) who are contracting the capita selecta economics course, Economic Education Study Program, FKIP Jambi University, Academic Year 2021/2022. The results showed that there was an increase in learning outcomes for students of the Economic Education Study Program when carrying out learning for the economics of capital selecta subjects using the case method, where in the first cycle students who scored > 75 only 13 students or 46.43%, in the second cycle there was an increase in the number of students. 25 students who got a score > 75 out of a total of 28 people or 89.29%. There was an increase in learning activities in applying the case method which was assessed from 3 indicators including (1) self-orientation in cases, (2) cooperation and case resolution, (3) presentation of discussion results/findings, where the increase in activity was 18, 45%. The increase in activity was obtained from the observations made in the first cycle, namely 62.15% or categorized enough and in the second cycle it increased 80.60% or very good category.

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