A Review of Green Chemistry and Its Impact on Organic Synthesis

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Tushar Vishwasrao Rajale


Environmental degradation and global warming are major sources of concern in our daily lives. Since the need for human everyday appliances has expanded significantly over the past few years, organic chemicalbased companies have responded to this growth in demand by boosting the efficiency of their manufacturing processes. It is as a result of this that environmental contamination is becoming more severe. It was therefore necessary to establish green chemistry in order to convince the chemical companies to aim for greater environmental sustainability. Over the course of 20 years, green chemistry concepts have had considerable impact on the organic chemistry area, particularly given the large number of researchers who have concentrated their efforts in that sector. Therefore, waste control, cleaner solvents, design for high energy efficiency, and use of renewable feedstocks have all been addressed in the synthesis of organic molecules up to this point. This study examines in detail and in short the application of green chemistry concepts and their applications in the synthesis of organic molecules, as well as the implementation of green chemistry principles in general.

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