Modern Methods Of Teaching Fine Arts

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Kurbanova Barchinoy, Sulaymanova Sevarakhon, Soliyev Ozodbek, Yunusaliyev Mukhammadkodir


The visual arts are viewed as a discipline, forming an aesthetically developed personality. This problem viewed from the point of view of personality-oriented pedagogy and brings up the issues of education of the collective and individual in personality. Art is seen as a culture of attitude towards everyone phenomena of life, like creativity - the development of associative thinking, art as a system of languages ​​of plastic arts. The visual arts are viewed as a discipline, developing physiological skills and correcting psychological personality traits. Visual arts are introduced to a wide range of age groups categories ranging from preschool to student bench.  In the field of vocational training in fine arts - active use of analytical methods in work on nature, and also the use of advanced and scientifically based achievements contemporary art and past experiences.

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