Whatsapp Addiction and Its Relationship with Academic Procrastination among Secondary School Students

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Dr. Mandeep Kaur, Ms. Ravinder Kaur


Social media has become part and parcel of students’ life. Among different social media, students are crazier about WhatsApp and they spend most of their time in using it. But over usage of WhatsApp poses health as well as education risk to students. It is important to assess usage of WhatsApp and educational risk associated with it. Hence, a study was conducted among secondary school students to analyze the relationship between WhatsApp addiction and academic procrastination and possible differences according to gender and type of school. Using a quantitative approach, 300 participants were selected by random sampling from the secondary schools of Amritsar and measured on scales of WhatsApp addiction and academic procrastination. Data were submitted to descriptive, t-test and correlational statistical analyses. Analyses provide insight into no statistically significant differences in WhatsApp addiction according to gender and type of school. However, the results show statistically significant differencein academicprocrastination tendencies with respect to gender and typeof school. In addition, the Correlation Analysis conducted to determine participants’ WhatsApp addiction and academic procrastination levels was examined and no statistical significant relationship was found.

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