Smoothing Control of Solar and Wind Power Fluctuation

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S Balamurugan , Sabari L. Umamaheswari , P Karishma , Kante Sai Lasya , M J Suganya, Shanmugaraj


The Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is the present way of smoothing wind- and photovoltaic-power generation fluctuations. The power quality of renewable energy power production system can be improved by Battery Energy Storage System. This method has attracted everyone by the way which it gives high quality power. Another one important  issue is that the appliance of an energy storage system like BESS. While using BESS to manage Photo Voltaic and fluctuations produced by wind power , there will be a exchange between effort given by the battery and  the degree of smoothness. So, if one wishes to have a smoothened output efficiency of the output reduces so the battery is used to compensate the loss. Eventhough many effective BESS methods are proposed  , the earmark of wind and Photo Voltaic farms generally haven’t been formulated. So in this work, it is better to use spare system which can store their capability such as lithium ion battery is employed to smooth power out fluctuations of wind and PV using Basic Smoothing Control Method (BSCM). The proposed system is implemented in MATLAB/SIMULINK software. The MATLAB simulation output verifies the results of the proposed method.

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