Highway Adaptation-Based Car Safety Application Based on GPS and GMS Technologies

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Dr. N. Satheesh, Dr. R. Raja, Dr. B.Rajalingam, Dr. R.Santhoshkumar, Dr. P. Santosh Kumar Patra


The majority of collisions occur owing to a lack of prior knowledge about the driver. Drivers are sometimes intrinsically distracted, which leads to serious highway speed limit zone accidents, particularly in universities, schools, hospitals, and workplaces. To avert crashes, preparatory information regarding the speed restriction zone is communicated with the motorist in this study paper. This study provides a highway adaptation-based car safety application based on GPS and GMS technologies. While crossing the speed limit zone, this system is designed with a low cost to figure out collision avoidance in advance by properly informing the driver with a beep sound and showing the word "Go Slow" on the dashboard. On the roadway suited for real-time application, the suggested real-time system is tested and appraised. Furthermore, the suggested system considers that rapid braking causes mechanical stress, chassis damage, and low fuel usage, making passengers in the car unpleasant, and so provides a substantial benefit over vehicle safety systems.

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