The Effect of Personal Relationships and Electronic Marketing On Maximizing Sales for 5-Star Hotels

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Shafiz Shahrani, Radzali Hassan, Louis Adaikalam


The leftover marketing methods are one of the most important means of promoting sales of products or services, and this research aims to measure the effect of using Electronic Marketing (e-marketing) as well as public and personal relations in the process of promoting sales of hotels, especially high-level hotels, which are commercially known as five-star hotels. It has become a tangible reality that e-marketing via the Internet is a means to achieve the goals of organizations in terms of the huge numbers of users of this global network and with the increase in their number and knowledge of it day after day. With this development, we find that all organizations compete seriously and with interest to achieve their goals through e-marketing along with employee relations and public relations management as well as stakeholders. The study relied on secondary sources from references and previous studies available on the Internet and related to the subject of the study. Then the descriptive analytical approach was used for these studies in order to reach the desired results. One of the most important of these results is to find a significant effect on the use of e-marketing to activate the sales process for high-level hotels, as well as the importance of personal and public relations in the marketing process for hotel services, but it is not as powerful as that which e-marketing provides, especially in terms of quantity.

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