Multiple Service Authentication with Cloud OTP as a service

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L.Raji, T.Sona, J.Varshini, B.V.Sravani


An OTP, or One-Time Password, is an extra security mechanism for online transactions that involves two-step authentication. For most financial transactions, this damn time OTP has become a very popular option. Because of its increasing popularity, it is becoming more accessible to fraudsters who try to steal your OTP in order to compromise your account or perform illegal financial transactions. The Proposed system provides a solution and works well as a multiple authentication security mechanism and has a lot of configuration options built in.This protects against a range of social, personalized, and opportunistic attacks.

Outsiders are unable to gain access to the cloud infrastructure unless the customer has correctly authenticated by the cloud service provider. The cloud offers four priority levels of security that would provide a strong barrier against unauthorized access to the user account. The Created Cloud Id, or UID, will play an important role in gaining access to the user's cloud account and to the applications utilized by the User. In terms of experience, professionals, resources, and firmware, the proposed framework allows businesses to spend very little on OTP - based TFA transfer. It also allows the user to manage multiple accounts from one location, and via unlikable profiles. It is thought that outsourcing OTP service to the cloud will make it easier for many cloud service providers to enforce bundle OTP because it does not demand extra investment.

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