Effective management role under Corona pandemic

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Amani Ahmad barakat altarawneh, Sanaa maher omar Totah


The Corona pandemic posed a threat to the security, tranquility and health of individuals in communities in general and Jordanian and Palestinian society in particular, which placed the responsibility of the administrative organs to protect all components of the community. This study sought to demonstrate the effectiveness of this role, by demonstrating its nature, means and control procedures during the spread of the Corona virus. This study reached many results, most notably the success of the administrative authorities in Jordan and Palestine in curbing the spread of Virus Corona, and that  The Corona pandemic belongs to the range of exceptional and unusual circumstances that must be dealt with in accordance with exceptional rules, that the administrative control methods established to protect public order vary according to the circumstances surrounding society, and that there are circumstances that require the use of stricter and harsher controls than those used in normal circumstances, and the right of administrative authorities to use means that limit the freedom of individuals and allow their rights to be directly violated,  and therefore recommended This study  provides for the  abhorrence of working with the theory of emergency circumstances.

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