Microfinance – A Life Saver Tool for Rural Area

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Rumit Kaur, Puja Sharma


Purpose: The main purpose of this research paper is to show the positive impact of microfinance on the people residing the poor areas. There is a growth in the business opportunities, improved standard of living and main fulfilling of the needs

Design/methodology/approach: Secondary Data is being used. As with the help of NABARD financial Report the data is combined and utilized for this research paper

Findings: It shows that there is a growth of microfinance in the various cities including the rural areas where the people were unable to find growth opportunities.

Scope: If the Microfinance is being provided with better platform and market, Then the people who are even residing in slum areas will be able to live healthy and peaceful life. There will be no poverty and starvation and they will be able to grab good working opportunities

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