The Role of Literature in Achieving English Proficiency: EFL College Students’ Language Use

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Haydar Jabr Koban, Taif Abdulhussein Dakhil, Islam Fadhil Abdulsahib


It has been observed that many users of English in Iraq do not possess the desired level of competence in their use of English language, with its attendant high functional load. This paper seeks to discover the role of literature in using English language proficiently so it explores English literature as an authentic source for achieving the desired proficiency among Iraqi users of English as a foreign language. To this end, final year students of the Department of English Language at Mazaya University College in Dhi Qar, Iraq were selected for this study. Questionnaires and participant observation were employed as data collection instruments. It was discovered that students who have more exposure to literary works are more proficient in using  English language. It is , therefore, concluded that motivating  students to read literary works, listen, dramatize, and recite them will acquaint them with the competence they need to use language efficiently and confidently.

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