Ball bearing performance analysis with vibration analysis using different types of oil lubricants

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Arvind Patware, Prof. U. K. Joshi


Roller bearings are the most important parts of the rotor shaft system. Failure to do so may result in serious consequences. To reduce the chance of running, the researchers studied the characteristic and short-lived characteristics of the body's mixing and vibration analysis. Various procedures have been performed and complete records are available for different conditions. In this study, several carrier rotor structures have different load and failure conditions are shortened. And again, different approaches and techniques have increased the speculation of initial failures. The products in the industry are of great value, leading to biological products. A test and signature analysis with the MATLAB software was performed to evaluate the vibration data of the ball bags to find the perfect lubricating oil used as 50N. An in-depth analysis using the FFT method is performed to detect the vibration response.

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