Regional Cooperation in the Fight against COVID -19

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Sanjit Kumar Biswas


Since Covid-19 or Corona Virus was first discovered, it exploded into a Pandemic -resulting in devastating effects on human lives and livelihood worldwide. The high costs of non-cooperation in responding to the virus and ultimately significant loss of lives have been seen. In spite of favourable demographic structures, climatic conditions and youngpopulations, South Asian countries like India are badly affected in both epidemiological andeconomic terms. South Asian Countries are trying their best to address the health concerns.Regional self- governments are also trying to manage the crisis by implementing day- to-day containment measures and ensuring health care and social services.In this situation, many Non-Governmental Initiatives and multilevel co-ordination mechanisms in regional levels have been developed tocombat the Pandemic. From detecting the disease, contact tracing, measurement of oxygenlevel, Doctors‘ advice, Medicine supply, oxygen cylinder supply, food supply, and evencremate the dead bodies of Covid patients, local cooperation is doing a commendable job. Iwant to focus in my paper on how regional collaborations take an important role toaddress COVID- 19 Pandemic.

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