IoT Based Smart School Bus Security System

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Bhawana Garg, Arena Job, Vedant Jakarwar, Nirajkumar Jha


Students travelling by school buses are likely to be in danger. Children, especially from primary schools, are susceptible to getting lost or getting into other school buses and it's extremely frightening for the parents. This smart school bus tracking and security system ensures the security of students traveling in the bus. This is made possible by RFID (radio frequency identification) a technology which will identify people or objects using radio waves and a smart camera. This system consists of two main parts which include: the hardware and the software. The hardware consists of the RFID reader, arduino and smart camera. The RFID reader is connected to the host computer via a serial to USB converter cable. The Smart School Bus Security System provides the functionalities of the overall system such as displaying live ID tags transactions, registering ID, recording entries and other minor functions. When the child enters/exits the bus the parent will get notified by sms/mail of their child’s whereabouts. For extra security, there is a face recognition system employing an ESP-32 camera module which with the help of powerful image processing tools given by python and CV (computer vision) can help to acknowledge whether the student embarking and disembarking to their respective stops alongside the RFID card in order that there's no evil or proxy and to stop unauthorized people from entering the bus.

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