Raspberry Pi Based Text and Image Reader for Blind People

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Bhavesh Digey, Sharvari Vaidya, Pranjali Sudrik, Nikhil Vaidya


Visual impairment can occur due to various conditions, including genetic disorders, injuries, illness, and shock, or other circumstances such as diabetes and MS. The highest number of visually impaired people are found in India. Out of 37 million visually impaired people in the world, 15 million people are from India. Blind readers can only read audiobooks, Braille, or with the help of a private assistant. The scope of this paper is to deliver a technical solution and to support visually impaired people to access numerous resources and improve their knowledge in text. It includes portable camera that captures text and converts it into human speech signals. During the wearable form, it is possible to use the body as a guide and focus on helping the person with VI. Exploring planning concepts with blind users has discovered the need for a small, portable tool that supports free movement, requiring minimal setup and real-time usage. Enables free operation that can be controlled by non-essential settings. Camera text is converted to speech signal using continuous text scanning. With the help of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software, text-to-speech algorithm is used. Page and audio controls are provided with the Raspberry Pi model. The program is simulated using Python software which provides audio signals as an output, thus it allows visually impaired people to read the text easily.

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