The Sacred Secrets of Indigenous People in Traditional India

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Mrs. P. A. Padmavathi, Dr. P. Boomiraja


 The Indigenous people and local communities have created a wealthy traditional knowledge and cultural expressions which are still protected. Their cultures, traditions, food habits and dress codes were not only unique but are treasure to us in this pandemic period. Traditions must be understood by the pupils of India which could be beneficial for our kids in this pandemic period. India is still a country of peasants. Agrarian development is extensive, but still with primitive technique. Though pupils learn via internet, mentors has the responsibility to teach them about the sacred secrets about indigenous people and their cultural habitats which may aware them from the pandemic diseases. This article analyse the secret traditions of indigenous people through Roy’s novel. Indigenous communities are far away from us in technology but well to do in food habits, cultural habitats and all time occupations.

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