The Times Changes of the “Sanyuesan” Festival of the “She” Ethnic Group in Jingning County and Its Music Construction and Identity

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Yang Wang , Nataporn Rattachaiwong


Through literature collection and field investigation, this study combs the track of changes and the characteristics of the times of the “Sanyuesan” festival of an ethnic group called “She” in Jingning county, Zhejiang Province, and focuses on the contemporary construction and identification of their festival music, an important carrier reflecting their culture. It provides a new research perspective for deeply grasping the construction path and development trend of the “She” group’s festival music as well as the innovation and inheritance of their traditional culture.

This paper mainly takes participant observation and in-depth interview as research methods, carries out a comprehensive analysis method dominated by qualitative analysis and supplemented by quantitative analysis, and summarizes the track of changes and the characteristics of the times of the “She” ethnic group’s “Sanyuesan” festival, so as to find the historical context and background for the construction and identification of their “Sanyuesan” festival music.

This study takes the research on the change of the “She’s Sanyuesan” festival as the time axis, takes the core music layer, intermediary music layer and peripheral music layer as the division standard, and takes the identity order of ethnic identity, regional identity and national identity as the theoretical basis in an effort to explore the contemporary construction and multi-level identity of the “She’s Sanyuesan” festival music in Jingning county.

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