A Study of Classroom Management Practices for Teachers at Secondary Level: A Literature Review

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Sohail Mazhar, Dr. Shamim Ullah, Dr. Rizwan Ahmad


                Classroom management in schools includes the action of management’s plans and objectives by keeping students’ progress in mind. Classroom management supports two-way communication and mutual understanding between students and teachers. If a teacher wants to be successful, want their students to get good grades, want their student to learn much as they can from a particular course then the teacher must have to focus on classroom management. This study has focused on classroom management practices of teachers at the secondary level. As a result of the review of the related literature, this study suggests that teachers are using all the effective teaching practices in secondary level schools to manage their classes effectively. Teachers are supporting the climate which is effective for learning. Teachers are also supporting the learning needs of students and are changing their pattern of teaching based on students’ needs. Teachers are focusing more on group assignments rather than individual work as teachers assume that students learn more while working with their classmates.

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