An Analytical Evaluation of Trends in Facilitation of Practices

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Arvind Gautam, Taru Gupta


Business intelligence has become mainstream in recent scientific research trends. The purpose of this research is to study the emerging and fading themes of the business intelligence domain through an analytical overview of keywords, titles and abstracts. Among Scientometric methods for representing the emergent and disappearing trends, the 'burst detection' algorithm has been chosen and applied to the current dataset of high-ranked international papers which can help scholars and practitioners to understand a better overview of business intelligence field by visualizing the changes in a recent time period. For this purpose, the data related to business intelligence has been gathered from Web of Science (WoS) core collection dataset between the years 1980-2014 and the burst detection algorithm has been applied on the 'abstract', 'title' and 'keywords' of the dataset which has shown interesting informative results for the future researchers to concentrate on.

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