Analyze The Elements Affecting Employee Management

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Deena Das. C. S, Prof. (Dr.) Prakash Divakaran


Work-life balance, training, and awards were all examined to see if they had any effect on employee performance. The major outcomes of employee engagement performance were used to identify these variables. Before a model for employee performance was constructed, a comprehensive review of the literature was done. A survey-based empirical investigation involving 101 private-sector participants employed convenience sampling. The Structural Equation Model demonstrated that work-life balance, training, and incentives all had an impact on employee performance (SEM). According to the results of the SEM analysis, only the work-life balance factor is significant in predicting employee performance (= 0.726; (P = 0.001)), which implies that the dependent variable may be accurately predicted. Employee performance was not greatly impacted by the study's findings, which revealed that neither training nor awards had an impact. According to the findings improving work-life balance results in happier people who are more invested in their jobs. So his or her output improves, which in turn helps the organization become more productive.

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