Contemporary Scenario of Acid Burns Women in Delhi: an Analysis

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Reshma Parveen, Hitendra Singh Rathore


Acid attack is a gender based problem. In fact the patriarchal mindset of Indian society is that women’s  beauty and body only controlled by men, Men have a set concept about women’s body are essential meant to please men. Women invest more time in beauty, fashion, cosmetics, dressing patterns, fitness and other stuffs, to just impress men, rather men do less, have focused on career and money making process. This deceit illustration making society to except it like this way, however it is largely bogus. Several types of Crime against women are already deeply rotten in Indian society, presently a horrifying menace of acid attacks on women has been disturbing social order. The large number of acid attacks on women in India is growing in every passing year.  The latest data released by ‘India Today Data Intelligence Unit’ has exposed that between 2014 and 2018 there are approx 1,483 victims of acid in the country. It also reveals that the huge number of reported cases are; due to relationship breakups, one side love, romance refusal , rejection of marriage proposal and physical intimacy, jealousy, family property disputes, and marital disengagement. This paper will try to explore scenario of acid attacks on women in Delhi. This paper will try to make an attempt to highlight prime causes and consequences of attacks and supporting and benefitting agencies to Acid Attack survivors in contemporary times

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