Findings of Six Sigma “DMAIC Method” For Small Scale Manufacturer/Service Provider of Agricultural Equipment to Control the Defects: A Case Study for Jaipur Based Industry

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Anil Kumar Sharma, Rakesh Kumar, Vikas Sharma, Prof. Sanjeev Kumar


Purpose:India is a farming country, Here Farmers need modern equipment for farming in optimum way. These equipment are generally produced by small scale industries located in local industrial areas. Most of the farming equipment needs lots of research for better working quality in agriculture fields. The main aim of this study is to apply the DMAIC approach on small scale manufacturer/ Service provider of Agricultural equipment to control the defects of equipment made by machining operations. 

Research Methodology: In present study, the research methodology selected is based on two sections, in first section identify the main problem area of the industry which make the industry ill, then find the proper solution for the problem using DMAIC approach. Machining operations are one the most common problems faced by small industries because of the lack of modern machinery. Various DMAIC tools are used in this study like DOE technique “Taguchi Method:, Cause and Effect Diagram, Project Charter etc.

Research Findings: Research findings of the present study is defects control during manufacturing phase of the Agricultural equipment. Design of Experiment techniques are used to find the actual problems during manufacturing of the products and analysis of variance is also performed in this study which help to find the key factors for control the defects.

Limitations: Like other research studies, in present study some limitations are present, although in Agricultural equipment industries large range of equipment are produced but in present study top five selling products are selected for Six Sigma implementations with one assumption that this implementation help to improve all working conditions in industry.

Importance of present work: During literature review on six sigma and its advantages for small scale industries, Some issues covered by researchers. There is a  lack for research work on Six sigma implementation in small scale industries, so this study is important go through for these type of industries.

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