Emotional Intelligence and Mental Health among Adolescents

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Varsha A. Malagi, Triveni S.


The ability to monitor your own emotions or those of others is emotional intelligence. Failure to understand emotionally can lead in life to various disruptions. A comparison of emotional intelligence and adolescent mental health has been made in this study. This study looks at the function of protective mental health of strong emotional intelligence (EI) and cognitive skills (CS) in teenagers exposed to stressful events of life & violence. It investigates how stressful the events of life and violent encounters affect mental health as evaluated by symptoms of depressive & psychological distress, as well as whether "EI" and "CS" can operate as mediators b/w violence, stress, and issues related to mental health. One hundred literature articles, 30 of which were selected to check for authentication and significance in this analysis, were examined to analyze this aspect. All literature papers were chosen from well-known indexed articles in databases. (Emerald, SAGE journal). In this study, we are applying the forward and backward snowballing methods. This study aimed to see if high EI is linked with better mental health and stress coping skills of adolescence’s satisfaction related to Life.

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