Social Media And Mental Health Of Post Graduate Male Students - A Study

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S. Chandni, S. Rama Gokula Krishnan, V. Sethuramalingam


The Question On Everyone’s Mind Is This- Does Social Media Have An Impact On One’s Mental Health? In Particular, That Of Young And Educated Boys Who Seem To Be One Of The Most Adherent Users Of Social Media. Objectives: To Assess The Level Of Jealously And Measure Social Media Addiction And Happiness Along With Its Correlates With The Background Characteristics Of Male Students Pursuing Their Post Graduate Degree In Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India. Method: A Sample Of 132 Out Of 200 Post Graduate Male Students In City Campus Of Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India Were Selected Using Simple Random Sampling Technique. Self-Developed Jealously And Social Media Addiction Scales Along With The Subjective Happiness Scale Developed By Lyubomirsky And Lepper, (1999) Were Used To Measure The Three Constructs. In Order To Select The Individual Respondents, The Researcher Adopted Simple Random Sampling Technique Using Tippet Number Table. Result: Some Of The Findings Of The Study Reveal That There Is A Statistically Significant Difference At A Very High Level (P<0.001) In The Mean Jealousy, Social Media Addiction, And Happiness Scores Of The Respondents Across The Following Variables- Current Age, Parent’s Place Of Living, Year Of Study, Monthly Family Income, Cost Of Mobile Phone, Primary Purpose Of Using Mobile Phone, Hours Spent On Social Media, And Academic Performance. Furthermore, There Is A Statistically Significant (P<0001) Positive Correlation Between Social Media Addiction, Domicile, Year Of Study, Family Income, Cost Of Mobile, Hours Spent Of Mobile Phone, And Jealousy Score Of The Respondents. Conclusion: Social Media Addiction Is A Serious Problem That Is Connected To Several Variables In The Present Study. It Appears That Boys From Wealthier Families And Those Who Can Afford Expensive Phones Seem To Be More Vulnerable To Social Media Addiction Which Is Also Statistically Positively Correlated With Jealousy And Statistically Negatively Correlated With Happiness.

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