"Bio-Psycho-Social Perspectives Of Menopausal COVID -19 Positive Women And Their Family- Case Study Analysis"

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Kalpana Muthuraj, Dr. D. Nirmala


Menopause Is Defined As Having No Menstrual Period For One Year And It Occurs In Late 40’s Or Early 50’s.

Due To Decreased Production Of Estrogen And Progesterone In Ovaries, Women Come Across Various Physical And Psychological Trauma During This Period.

Despite This, If They Becomecovid-19 Positive The Internal And External Psychological Process Is Affected To The Core. However Positive Perseverance, Family Support And Above All The Strength That She Derives From The God (Spirituality) Makes Her March Forward To Give Psychological Support To Her Family Member Who Is In COVID Intensive Care Unit.

Bio-Psycho-Social Perspectives Defines About The Physical Illness Perceived, Health Condition In Relation To Lungs Which Again Speaks About The Breathing Ability And The Oxygen Saturation Maintained And Monitored From Time To Time. Psychological Perspective Describes About The Fear, Anxiety, Stress, Panic Attacks Confused State Of Mind And Other Related Psychological Disclosures. Social Perspectives Discuss About The Social Help Received From The Surrounding Through Friends And Digital Exchange Of Conversations And Social Support System. These Perspectives Will Be Elaborated In Detail Through Case Presentation.

The COVID-19 Positive Patients Had Higher Levels Of Depression, Anxiety And Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms As Compared With Normal Controls. Many Patients Complain Also Of Intense Fatigue And Apathy In The Weeks Or Months Following Infection, Which Have Already Been Observed With Previous SARS Infections Or Influenza. These Symptoms Highlight The Link Between Depression, Viral Infections, And Inflammatory Mechanisms. Further Exploration Of The Mental Health Outcome Of COVID-19 Positive Patients Using A Gendered Lens Would Be Of High Interest.

Thus, Supportive Counselling For The Patient And Family Will Be Of Immense Advantage For The Patient To Progress Well. The Constant Reassurance From The Hospital Staff And The Family Will Pave A Way For The Patient To Heal Faster.

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