Happiness among Raja Yogis Living with Families

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Eishika Verma, Prof Kavita Mittal, Prof. Vandana Goswami


INTRODUCTION-Spiritualism consists of the personal philosophy of life. Spiritual centring consists of principles in lives which are purity, peace, love, happiness, bliss, power and knowledge. Spirituality and happiness both are an important concept of life. Spirituality is so deeply rooted in providing meaning, and has direct access to happiness. In the World, spiritualism is practiced by practicing meditation. There are different forms of meditation present, but this study is based on Raja Yoga meditation which is practiced by Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University.

OBJECTIVE-The objective of this study was to examine level of happiness among Raja Yoga meditators and to study happiness among Raja Yoga meditators with respect to their gender, education qualification and duration of Raja Yoga practice.

METHODS- Raja Yogis who are connected with the center of Brahma kumaris Wold Spiritual University located in Jaipur were purposely selected for the study. Survey method was found appropriate for this study. The data was quantitative in nature. Researcher used self-constructed Happiness scale.

RESULTS-Results were analysed through inferential statistics. The level of happiness and its variables are categorised. The results of the data concluded variation in the level of happiness and in the level of variables. The variables gender and duration of Raja Yoga Practice was found significant and education qualification was not found significant at 0.05 level.

CONCLUSION-They have positive approach towards their life and have purpose and meaningful lifestyle. They are connected to the eternal power and believe in themselves than acceptance from others. Raja Yogis are found highly spiritual.

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