Stress And Coping Strategies Of Children During Covid-19 Lockdown At Vypin Island – A Study

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Ms. Sreerekha K Zenith, Mrs. Krishnendu A P, Mr.Semichan Joseph, Dr. D. Nirmala


Covid-19 Pandemic And Lockdown Has Brought About A Sense Of Fear And Anxiety Around The Globe. This Phenomenon Has Led To Short Term As Well As Long Term Psychosocial And Mental Health Implications For Children And Adolescents. (Singh S Et Al 2020) Although The Rate Of Covid-19 Infection Among Young Children Is Low In Kerala, The Stress Confronted By Them Poses Their Condition As Highly Vulnerable. So, The Present Study Will Look In To The Stress And Coping Strategies Adopted By The Children From Costal Area Of Ernakulam District.  The Prime Objective Of The Study Is To Understand The Stress Faced By Children During Covid -19 Lockdown. It Also Studied The Coping Strategies Adopted By The Students. The Study Suggests Suitable Social Work Implications. The Researchers Adopted The Case Study Method In Which Six Cases Were Examined.  In-Depth Interviews Were Directly Conducted By The Researcher With The Use Of Semi-Structured Interview Schedule. The Cases Identified By The Researchers Are One Student,One Teacher And A Parent.

The Teachers' Parents And Children Clearly State That The Children Are Having Too Much Pressure In Online Classes Because Of The Long-Time Classes, Fear Of Exams, Data And Range Issues, Financial Instability To Recharge Their Data Monthly, Pressure From The Parents And Teachers Etc. Some Of The Copping Strategies Said By The Participants Are; To Make The Time Useful By Studying New Things Or Getting Involved In Gardening, Singing, Dancing, Writing Poetry Etc. These Could Be Developed By Children Itself. Parents And Teachers Were Stated That They Try Their Best To Support Their Children In Coping This Situation. The Current Study Also Proposes Some Possible Social Work Implications Too.

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