Simplified Kundalini Yoga: Scale Development

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Naveen Kumar, Dr. G. Paran Gowda


The study includes the concept of  Kundalini - a coiled serpent power from the Eastern philosophy of yoga. Generally looked up as one of the mystical concept by common man. The main objective of the paper is to develop a scale which can simplify the concept of kundalini. We have taken a sample of 310 out of 1500 yoga students and scholars from more than five universities of India. We tested the facial validity, Content Validity Index by four experts and further factor loadings (promax rotation) of  items which were considered suitable for the intended results. The scale was tested and verified with dimensional reduction through EFA by SPSS 25 version with values Cron-bach alpha 0.94 and variance 51.87%. Sample adequacy was found the good with KMO’s value 0.95. and Bartlett’s test of sphericity with chi square value approx. 2794.56 with significance level P<0.001. Overall Simplified Kundalini Scale’s results were found to be significant at every level. Goodness of the 16 item scale is up to the mark, fitting all the values within the given range of parameters by CFA using AMOS version 25. Simplified Kundalini Scale can be valid and reliable measure for kundalini yoga practitioners. And hence paving the way for common man to gain physical as well as overall wellbeing in every sphere of life. For the further research we would strongly recommend that in future the sub-scales should be interpreted with caution, if constructed and overall scale should be used for best results.

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