The Spiritual Nature Based On Ethics In The Halal Entrepreneurial Industry

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Heena Amir, Dr Alija Abdukic


The study investigates the formation of Halal[1] products and services from Halal industries in fashion, cosmetic, health, food, tourism, and financial sectors that influences the demand for innovative efforts in the provision of halal approved products. The spiritual nature based on ethics is considered a driving force for shaping Halal entrepreneurial industries and their supply. The use of grounded methodology investigates the factors contributing to Halal industrial consumption bound by Shariah outcomes. It is used to identify the Islamic legitimization of Halal entrepreneurial products and the conditions required to achieve the expected outcomes of successful Islamic entrepreneurship. The Islamic ethics around Halal products play a central role in entrepreneurship development as they shape and influence Halal entrepreneurial activities. A particular focus on spirituality provides the basis for understanding the entrepreneurial efforts of Halal industries. Hence, the role of ethics underpinning the entrepreneurial process secures Islamic ethos in entrepreneurial activities.



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