Effects of Core Stability and Periodised Resistance Training on Flexibility of Hockey Players

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S. Deva Priya, A. Kaleb Rajan


The purpose of the study is to investigate the Effects of core stability and periodised resistance training on flexibility of hockey players on coach rated hockey skills in relation to selected physical fitness variables.To achieve the purpose of the present study 80 hockey playerswere selectedfromMysore collegiate subsidiary first grade college as subjects fromKarnataka state at random.The selected variable wasFlexibility.The collected data on criterion measures were treated by Sit and Reach Test, Box for Sitting and Reaching (or on the other hand a ruler can be utilized, and a stage or box). The position of greatest flexion must be held for roughly two seconds. The test has rehashed twice for Flexibility. The collected data were statistically analyzed by t-ratio, one ways analysis of variance test was applied and the level of significance for the study was 0.05 level. The collected data were statistically analysed by            t-ratio, one-way analysis of variance test was applied. The level of significance for the study used was 0.05 level. Wherever significant differences were found Scheffe’s post-hoc test was used. The results revealed that there was significant difference in theFlexibility of Hockey players. There was significant difference exist in their interaction effect in Flexibility level among collegiateHockey players.

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