Employee based Brand Equity: A Study of Food Sector of Pakistan

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Iqra Khadim, Sheraz Anjum, Muhammad Obaid Aslam


The importance of brands in the present era has grown up. The business environment has turn into brands war. The brands are striving for proficient services to customers. The customer services are possible with competent and skillful workforce. This research highlights the brand equity based on employees. The objective of this study is to analyze thefactors that contribute in the development of employee based equity and its outcomes. The antecedents are brand endorsement, brand loyalty, brand image, andbrand consistent behavior. The outcome of employee based brand equity is employee loyalty. The study is conducted in the food sector of Pakistan. The data is based on perception of employees regarding the antecedents and outcomes of employee based equity. Total 325employees of food sector in five major cities i.e., Gujrat, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Islamabad, and Lahore. This research is based on hypotheses that brand endorsement, brand loyalty, brand image, and brand consistent behavior have positive impact on employee loyalty. The statistical analysis show that all hypotheses are accepted and significant contribution in the results. The findings also confirm that employee based brand equity is the separate thing based on its on variables and perceptions. The finds have implications for marketing and human resource managers.

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