Compute the People’s Behavour towards the Life Insurance in Kakinada City in Andhra Pradesh

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P. Hari Kumar, Dr. P. V. V. Satya Narayana, Dr. P. Vijaya Kumar


A country's degree of civilisation may be measured by its ability to provide insurance. It is becoming more and more apparent that the life insurance idea is a sound one as time goes on. To put it another way, insurance is a significant contributor to the growth of national wealth. This is a universal rule of nature: People must face risks in order to live and play, and insurance policies may at least alleviate some of those disappointments. However unlikely this is, the people of Andhra Pradesh are nonetheless reluctant to insure them. It was the goal of this research to determine the general public's perception of life insurance. Descriptive in nature, the research relies on material gleaned from primary and secondary sources. One hundred people in Kakinada city, the Andhra Pradesh, took part in the study's initial phase. Using a seven-point semantic differential scale, the research survey includes 15 questions on participants' attitudes. The SPSS 20.0 version was used to conduct a frequency distribution analysis of the data collected. In order to make individuals aware of the need for insurance coverage, the media may play a role. The findings of this research will aid in developing insurance policies in Andhra Pradesh.

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