A Critical Discourse Analysis of Language Used in Advertisements

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Dr. Muhammad Akram, Zenobia Saleem


The main purpose of research is to critically discourse and analyze the language and rhetorical terms used by advertising companies. Advertisements are the main part of our lives nowadays. Clario.co.& blog says an average person sees and hears almost 400 to 500 ads daily, and this is largely possible in advertising environment. If you are sitting at home in front of your TV or computer, even if you are working outdoors, advertisements are everywhere to convince you. The advertisements are also made with intelligence and such techniques convince people to buy their products. The advertisements that have been put to analyze are mostly shown on traditional channels such as TV, print media and radio. And it also comes through alternative channels such as online advertisements and social media access via our android phones. The present study falls into the realm of qualitative methodology. And basically, it focuses on the use of figurative language and hyperbole terms used in the ads. Most used rhetorical devices in the advertisements. The research will include the language terms, slogans and texts used by advertisers. The actual meaning of the terms are exaggerated to such an extent that people are convinced to buy.

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