Digital financial inclusion and Rural Poverty Reduction

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Hanzhen Ouyang, Brice Lee Tseen Fu, Mingxin Zhang, Guangwei Liu


Many policy measures are included in China's 2020 poverty reduction schedule by 2020. The advantages of digitization have been used to break through the realistic difficulties of traditional financial inclusion and effectively solve the problem of the last mile of financial inclusion. Using a generalized difference-in-differences method,this paper selects the digital financial inclusion indicator and China family panel studies, and analyzes the impact of the digital financial inclusion indicator on rural family poverty reduction . The following conclusions have been drawn through empirical study: First, the development of digital financial inclusion aids in the reduction of poverty among rural families. Second, there is regional heterogeneity in the impact of digital financial inclusion on poverty reduction among rural families. Third, the mechanisms of digital financial inclusion to reduce poverty in rural families include increasing wage income, easing credit constraints and encouraging entrepreneurship.

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