Exploring Life Skills through Literary Texts

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Naveen Juluru


Focus on cultural-understanding helps people become more culturally aware by focusing on how people see different aspects, such as life skills. Literature is a way to talk about people, their culture, and their traditions. But literature is much more than just a piece of history or culture.Literature opens up new worlds for us to explore. We learn about books and literature by reading the comedies and tragedies of poems, stories, and plays. We do this by enjoying the hidden skills of the poet/writer, absorbing the ideas beyond the lines, and praising the writer's art and the reader's heart. We may grow and change through our literary journey with the books. Ultimately, we might figure out what a piece of writing means by looking at what and how the author says it. We may be able to figure out what the author was trying to say beyond the level of the reader's heart.In academic circles, this decoding of the text is often done with the help of literary theory, which can be based on mythology, sociology, psychology, history, or other things.This paper looks at how literature helps ESL reading classes teach students about different cultures. It talks about how literary texts can be used to introduce a foreign language and how to read them.

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