The Hanbars of South India: A Brief Ethnographic Profile

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Aruna Hallikeri


In this paper a brief ethnographic profile of the Hanbars a backward community largely of Belgaum and Bijapur districts of Karnataka is given. The Hanbars are also described as Krishna Golla or Krishna Gavali, who claim their descent from the Yadavas of Mathura in north India. It is believed that the Hanbar community is wide spread in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. The Hanbars are well adapted to the region they have inhabited. The Hanbars belong to the Australia group. Traditionally the Hanbars are cattle-keepers. In the last several decades, they have adopted agricultural way of life. The Hanbars consider themselves as Hindus and perform Hindu naturals and ceremonies. The awareness of social justice programmes among the Hanbars today have made them to canter into governmental and non-governmental sectors.

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