Conservation of the Precious Heritage-Techniques and Methods for Maximum Impact

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Poonam Verma


Artefacts of cultural significance serve as priceless community resources that serve as monuments to previous human legacies. It promotes community cohesion and social harmony by reflecting societal norms and values both now and in the future. The goals of this research are to learn more about cultural heritage conservation and the difficulties that come with it. Poor management, monitoring, and evaluation; a lack of funds and stakeholder involvement; urbanisation; settlement programmes; agricultural practise; a lack of government concern as well as professional commitment; an lack of community issue; vandalism; illicit trafficking; insufficient promotion of cultural heritage; natural disasters; and invasive intervention, cl are the primary factors affecting the preservation of heritage. Conservation initiatives need the development of conservation guidelines, management plans for historic sites, the dissemination of relevant research, the inclusion of relevant stakeholders, and active community participation. The research concludes that promoting conservation is a means to attaining economic and social sustainability, and that the two should be integrated.

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