Responsible Conservation; Steps in the Digitization of Rare Manuscripts in Academic Libraries

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Aditya Harbola


A library's primary purpose is to provide its patrons with easy access to a wealth of resources for learning, exploring, and relaxing. Libraries are the hubs for the collection and preservation of not just our collective knowledge and history, but also our individual experiences and perspectives. The library's collections are vulnerable to a wide range of environmental hazards, which may cause permanent damage to many of them over time. Manuscripts contain valuable information, but the materials often utilised to make copies provide a significant barrier. These written records are crucial to the progress of humanity because they include evidence of past events, actions, ideas, and beliefs. These serve as a beacon for future generations and ought to be preserved for them. This page gives a concise explanation of the preservation methods used to save the manuscripts. Caution and cost-effectiveness are essential when implementing preventative measures.

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