Motion Capture and Tracking for Animation and Robotics

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Bhupesha Rawat


Motion capture and tracking have rapidly become crucial tools in the fields of animation and robotics since they make it possible to record and evaluate the motion of human subjects. In this paper, we provide an overview of motion capture and tracking, investigate the many methodologies and datasets that are now in use, describe the system components that are essential to motion capture and tracking for animation and robotics, and discuss the problems and opportunities that lie ahead for this particular field of research. In this article, we investigate the numerous motion capture and tracking systems that are currently on the market and highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each. In addition, we highlight the technological challenges of motion capture and tracking, as well as the ethical and privacy concerns that are related with these issues. In conclusion, we offer several proposals for further research, including the development of innovative motion capture and tracking methods, the collection of motion capture datasets that are both vaster and more diverse, and the assessment of ethical and privacy problems. This study, taken as a whole, sheds light on the present state of the art in motion capture and tracking technology, as well as its prospective applications in the next generation of animation and robotics.

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