Virtual Cinematography and Camera Control for Film and Video Production

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Mukesh Joshi


The use of virtual cinematography and remote camera control has fundamentally altered the approach that filmmakers use to the creation of scenes for film and video production. This article offers a summary of the development of virtual cinematography as well as the many camera control systems that are now in use. In addition to this, it gives case studies of productive uses of virtual cinematography and camera control and conducts an analysis of the benefits and drawbacks of employing these techniques in the production of films and videos. In addition to this, the approach that was used to explore virtual cinematography and camera control is explained. This methodology includes the tools and software that were used to create virtual worlds and control cameras. In addition to that, the methodology behind the creation of virtual surroundings and camera motions is broken down. Because they provide insights into the possible benefits and limitations of virtual cinematography and camera control, the findings of this research are significant for the film and video production business. In the final section of this study, recommendations for further research in the subject of virtual cinematography and camera control are presented.

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