Contemporary applications of Big Data Management Information System: An Empirical study

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Rakshit Negi


In the field of information systems in India, big data management has become a vital area in recent years. It is necessary to efficiently store, analyze, and use this vast amount of data for actionable insights and decision-making due to the exponential growth of data generated by different sources, including social media, IoT devices, e-commerce transactions, and more. Numerous industries, including e-commerce, marketing, logistics, healthcare, finance, and more have found extensive use for big data management in India. To measure risk and make investment decisions, it is used in finance to analyze market data, consumer behavior, and investment trends. It is used in e-commerce to examine client information, purchasing patterns, and preferences for individualized suggestions and niche marketing. It is applied to logistics to increase effectiveness and optimize supply chain operations. It is employed in marketing to segment customers, analyze sentiment, and improve campaigns. These modern Big Data Management software in India have transformed industries, made it possible to make decisions based on data, and altered the operations and business strategies of companies.

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