Qammer Distribution - Structural Properties and Applications in the Risk Management of Private Banks of India

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Syed Roohul Islam Andrabi, Dr. G. Brindha, Khalid Ul Islam


The modified life time distribution called Qammer Distribution is derived in this article .This distribution is the mixture of Rayleigh-Ailamujia distribution ,which gives birth to this new three parameter distribution .The two parent distributions are mixed by adding the mixing parameter  through a proper method .The reliability analysis ,structural properties ,moment generating function, characteristic function and  order statistics of the resulting distribution are derived .The PDF , CDF and reliability functions of the said distribution  are represented by different graphs respectively. The estimates of parameters are obtained by the method of likelihood estimation .Apart from this the usefulness of the derived distribution has been explained through two bio science related data sets .On comparing to other related distributions  , this new distribution (QD) gives the better results .

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