The Genesis of New Women:A Study on The Perspective of Women Writers of Indian English literature

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P. Padmapriya


Ecriture Feminine is generally translated as “Feminine writing”. Women’s writing and Women’s studies gained momentum in academic circles as interdisciplinary coursesin the recent past.Women are academically excelling and economically becoming more independent. They are striving to achieve self-sustenance by taking an active role in the social and cultural construct of society. Women are empowering themselves and scaling the heights in their chosen paths of life. Even though women are an equal part of the social, economicand cultural construct of society, they are forced to encounter unequal opportunities and gender-biased social justice.Women’s issues like oppression, suppression, physical and psychological harassment, sexual exploitation and women empowerment found their way into the writings of postcolonial women writers of India. The female experience can be better expressed in women writing than in the predominant male expression. As literature and society are entwined deeply, the post-colonial women writershave tried an in-depth analysis of female consciousness and psyche and explored the gradual transformation of the suppressed and suffering women to the status of ‘New Women’. The emergence of ‘New Women’ and the nurturing of the concept is the main concern in the writings of the women writers of Indian English Literature.

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