Analyzing Service Quality Gap of Public and Private Sector Banks in India

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Ashutosh Kr Singh


Banks as financial institution have always played a pivotal role in strengthening the economy. The Indian banking system comprises of public sector, private sector and foreign banks.RBI is the top most regulatory authority in India which controls the activities of these banks. The banks have been facing challenges of improving the delivery to ensure fast , accurate and secure banking to its customers. The ever increasing customer base along with intense proliferation of technology has changed the face of banking in the past few years. The public banks are having wide network of branches spread across the length and breadth of the country. The private banks on the other hand are trying to win the trust of customers by differentiating their product range and offering world class services. Service quality has been the area of concern for both the public and private banks. This paper aims to comparatively study the service quality of the public and private sector banks. SERVQUAL model  is used to study the service quality on the five dimensions .It was found that the public sector banks need to improve their services and minimize the service quality gap which existed for almost all the dimensions.

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