Counter terrorism: Is counter-terrorism policy evidence-based?

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Ms. Pratiksha Pandey, Dr.Umashankar Sharma (Law)


Is counter-terrorism policy evidence-based? What works, what harms, and what is unknown. One the central concerns surrounding counter-terrorism interventions today, given the attention and money spent on them, is whether such interventions are effective. To explore this issue, we conducted a general review of terrorism literature as well as a Campbell systematic review on counter-terrorism strategies. In this paper, we summarize some of our findings from these works. Overall, we found an almost complete absence of evaluation research on counter-terrorism strategies and conclude that counter-terrorism policy is not evidence-based. The findings of this review emphasise the need for government leaders, policy makers, researchers, and funding agencies to include and insist on evaluations of the effectiveness of these programs in their agendas.

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